Breast Implants (Breast Augmentation) Miami

All women should feel good about their breasts. Whether you want your breasts to be more proportional to your body, or you long for a fuller look to achieve a more beautiful contour, you deserve to feel good about yourself.  Breast augmentation allows you to achieve the look you want using saline or silicone implants*.

Who is a good candidate?

Ideal candidates for a breast augmentation may have developed with small breasts or just want more volume or projection than they have.  Numerous options exist for breast augmentation,From different implant types (silicone gel, saline), sizes, profiles (moderate, moderate-plus, high, or ultra-high), implant placement (above or under the muscle) and incision locations (inframammary, periareolar), etc.

Dr. Salas at Salas Plastic Surgery Miami will personally evaluate you to help find the best options for your desired outcomes.

The Procedure:

Dr. Salas will Personally meet with you to discuss your goals and wishes and then through a physical examination, evaluate  your anatomy in order to help you select the best procedure and implant size to achieve your desired goal. Then during the breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Salas applies his surgical skill and artistic vision, along with years of training to create a space to place the implant in a position to achieve a more youthful, attractive shape.

The best way to know if you are a good candidate is to come in for your private consultation to talk about your goals and expectations. Here at Salas Plastic Surgery Miami, it’s all about the details. We are sensitive to the fact that everyone has a unique situation and body, and will tailor your treatment to help you achieve your goals.

Call to schedule your consultation at Salas Plastic Surgery Miami and let Dr. Salas help choose the right option for you.

*Silicone implants FDA approved for patients of at least 22 years of age

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Breast Augmentation
Breast Augmentation
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